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I am a Freelance DevOps Engineer graduated from UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne) in 2014.

Today, I am mainly working for GumGum, a digital marketing platform for the visual web based in Santa Monica (CA), where I did a 6 months internship before being graduated.

Over all, I love evolving with cutting edges technologies in order to tackle challenges in a world which moves fast!


Florian Dambrine

Work Process


Devops Courses

Master Degree courses modules of 30 hours. Introduction to AWS and automation with Terraform / Ansible, Continous integration principles and a lot more…


Cloud Automations

I am DevOps engineer looking for challenges in setting up automated architectures and solving complex problems such as realtime data processing, continuous integration, centralized logging, cloud monitoring, and Big Data processing.


Web development

Building JAMStack websites following best-practices with automated deployment to CDN networks. Access data through a CMS platform allowing you to gain control on your website