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DevOps / Cloud Engineer

Blog Professionnel Florian DAMBRINE (28 years old)

Driving licence + Vehicules
First-Aid qualification

I am DevOps engineer looking for challenges in setting up automated architectures and solving complex problems such as realtime data processing, continuous integration, centralized logging, cloud monitoring, and Big Data processing.
Jul 2014

Master's degree in Computer Engineering
University of Technology of Compiègne - Compiègne - FRANCE

Jul 2011

Two year Technical Diploma in IT
University of Picardy Jules Verne - Amiens - FRANCE

Jul 2009

French Baccalaureat, specialising in Maths and Science, with honours
Madeleine Michelis High school - Amiens - FRANCE

Oct 2009

Rock Climbing Instructor - Training period

Apr 2009

Animation Capacity Diploma and Kayak Instructor Diploma

Continuous integration
AWS Cloud Services
Big Data
English (TOEIC 870)
Working experience
Sep 2014

DevOps Engineer Contractor - Client GumGum - Amiens - FRANCE

Tasks: Creating over forty automations around AWS Cloud Services (setting up Big Data architectures, managing web servers, monitoring systems, realtime data processing, continuous integration, maintaining NoSql storages). Working with multi-regions servers (USA / Europe) and solving high availability, connectivity and latency issues.

Technologies: Ansible, AWS Services, Python, Icinga, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySql, Redshift, Logstash, Redis, Kafka, Storm, Druid, Nginx.

Sep 2014
Feb 2014

Big Data Engineer Internship - GumGum - Santa Monica - CALIFORNIA USA

Tasks: Developing Map/Reduce jobs. Introducing new legacies such as continuous integration servers, centralized logging architecture. Developing automation cookbooks with Chef on related Big Data technologies. Migrating and Maintaining a 25 nodes Cassandra production cluster.

Technologies: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySql, Redshift, Java, Groovy, Python, Logstash, Redis, Chef, Kafka, Storm, Druid, Presto, AWS Services, Ansible, Chef.

Feb 2013
Sep 2012

Software Engineer Internship - SAFRAN, Snecma - Vernon - FRANCE

Tasks: Project planing, designing software and database, mocking-up, developing software, backing-up old data, documentating, networking deployment

Technologies: C++, Qt, Qwt, Oracle.

Jun 2011
Mar 2011

Software Developer Internship - Board of Education - Amiens - Amiens - FRANCE

Tasks: Researching about Front end / Back end architectures, selecting network applications, setting up services, scripting, web developing, database designing.

Technologies: Shell, Squid, Haproxy, HeartBeat, PHP, JQuery, MySql.

Personnal projects


⬛ Talk about "What is a DevOps" during the 9th edition of Be-Zend in 2016 - INSSET Saint-Quentin

⬛ Attempting the AnsibleFest in London 2015 and 2016

⬛ Talk about "Ansible Tips and Tricks" with the LA Ansible Meetup Group in 2015

⬛ Speaker on the "Apache Cassandra Story at GumGum — HBase to Cassandra Migration" at the LA Cassandra Meetup on 11/13/14 organised by Planet Cassandra..

⬛ Attempting the "Legend Of Code" organised by D2SI Paris in 2013


⬛ GitHub contributor on LO23, Logstash, Ansible, Ansible-Lint

⬛ Developing personal's and association's web sites

⬛ Software development for the Archeological Service of Amiens.

Extra curricular activities

Team leader for groups of children - Ailly/s/Somme - Flixecourt - Vallorcine - Poudrantais - FRANCE

⬛ Team leader for groups of children and teenagers.

⬛ Snowboarding and kayak instructor for groups of children during holidays.

⬛ Team leader for groups of handicapped children.